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Kleinhandel is a co-working space for companies and self-employed people (without employees) who work in permanent offices or flex spaces. The co-working space is intended to encourage businesses – all kinds of businesses – to work together. Sharing facilities means there is plenty of contact: everyone has to pass through the same area to reach his or her office, for instance. Kleinhandel is an inspiring environment where anything unexpected may happen.

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The Groot Handelsgebouw is home to approximately 180 tenants, but who are the people representing those companies? And what made them decide to move into the largest multi-tenanted building in the Netherlands? Part 12 of this series presents: Jun Omori, manager of the Japanese firm Okamura.

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Hair salon Kaat

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The Groot Handelsgebouw has about 180 tenants, but who are the faces behind these company names? What challenges do they encounter? And why did they choose the largest business premises in the Netherlands? Part 7 of this series: Willem Kaat is the owner of Kapsalon Kaat, one of the first tenants of the Groot Handelsgebouw.

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your office in the GHG?

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The largest business centre in the Netherlands

  • 1

  • A1 location in Rotterdam

    In the heart of Rotterdam’s business district, adjacent to the central railway station and easy to reach by car.
  • 2

  • Modern and flexible

    The offices and retail units are spacious, with high ceilings, large windows and a pleasant indoor climate.
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  • Comprehensive package of services

    The building has every facility, including  24-hour security, parking, a courier service and a 7000 m2 rooftop terrace.
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Kantoor Met Open Deuren

From start-ups to multinationals: the Groot Handelsgebouw is suited to everyone. It provides office and retail spaces in any size and easy to extend. Where business meets business.

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The perfect spot for a flex-worker or a company requiring its own unit. A new, creative co-working space at the Groot Handelsgebouw.

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